Welcome to Mueller Law Solutions

At Mueller Law Solutions, personal, friendly, and sincere service is the standard by which I provide legal assistance and solutions to clients. I understand that you have options in hiring a lawyer and I appreciate the opportunity to serve my clients. In exchange, I strive to provide cost-efficient, yet custom-made, results for my clients. My practice is based on hard work, faith and integrity, believing that each client has a unique situation and thus deserves a unique solution.

Many people and businesses are often overwhelmed by the legal challenges and questions facing their families and businesses. Sound legal advice is vital in today’s world, for both your family and your company. I take the time to listen to and relate to my clients, to assure them that they have been thoroughly heard and understood. Only then do I work with a client to strategize toward the desired outcome.

In addition, I understand that legal services can often become expensive. That is why I am extremely conscious that I am providing valuable legal advice at reasonable and affordable rates. People should not have to “break the bank” in order to understand their legal rights and options. Accordingly, I partner with my clients and work together on a strategic plan to achieve their goals and realize their dreams in a cost-conscious manner.

While many people do not enjoy having to work with an attorney, it cannot be over-emphasized that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. My hope is that I can assist you in achieving the results you desire for your family and business, by providing knowledgeable insight based on well-founded legal advice, real-world experience and thorough understanding and empathy.


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​Positively a great attorney to have on your side before and during business process. He was so valuable to our business, owe him a debt of gratitude. And most recently needed him for some negotiations. Without his expertise, we would not be where we are at today. Thanks again. On a personal note, just a great person overall and glad to know him professionally and personally.

Jay Quezada
The Crafty Chameleon Bar